Working with Catarina Rodrigues

I see my role as a supportive, experienced guide who is here to encourage your insight, awareness, and growth. Our time together exists in a focused and attentive environment. Your value system is respected in the therapy room. My holistic practice integrates creative expression, mindfulness, and various cultural perspectives. Clients and colleagues have said that I'm kind, insightful, attuned, empathic, open, and dedicated to deeply engaging in the process of change and transformation. As you convey what is most real for you, the alchemy of your story cultivates new pathways. Whatever arises is welcome. "Think with the whole body" is a Zen saying that captures my view of the innate wisdom of the body-mind. 

I'm grateful that my journey through life can be of service to your journey. I'm a licensed psychotherapist (license #47164) with an extensive 25-year background in psychology. Throughout the past decade, while committed to my private practice, I have also enjoyed teaching Psychology and Human Development courses in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco community colleges. Later while pursuing my Masters of Science in Counseling at SF State University, I counseled artists at the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). Given my native Portuguese upbringing, I often work with Brazilian and Portuguese individuals and couples. I utilize insights from specialized couple's training with Julie and John Gottman of the Couples' Institute. My roles through life as sister, wife, mother, and friend all contribute to my work as a therapist.

You are very welcome to reach out to me with the knowledge that you will be received with sensitivity, collaboration, and acceptance.